Meeting and Conference Rooms


Educational, civic, cultural, and government groups with active local chapters and individuals with Powhatan residency may use Library meeting rooms for public meetings if they agree, in writing, to follow all rules and regulations established by the Library Board.  The public meeting rooms will be available on equal terms to all residents in the community regardless of their beliefs and affiliations.  The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group or its programs.


  1. Reservations to use the meeting rooms are available for a 6-month period to all on a first-come-first-served basis.  For each session, for-profit enterprises will pay $50.00 (two day discounted total fee is $75, three day discounted total fee is $100).  Non-profit enterprises will not be charged for room rental.  Artists displaying their work in the library and wishing to schedule a formal showing are given the option to pay the lesser of either the flat fee or 10% of their earnings from works sold during the showing.  Library, county or other government agencies are exempt from fees.  The Library Director will be the final arbiter as to which groups are considered for-profit, non-profit or exempt.
  2. Registrations may be made no more than 6 months in advance.  Library, county or other government agencies are exempt from this rule.  Registrations are contingent on possibility that rooms may be ceded for county government use.  In this event, library and county staff will make every effort to find alternate space for the registered group.
  3. Any organization, group, individual, or enterprise desiring to use the meeting rooms for the first time must complete the Registration Form for Meeting Room Use.  All dates desired by the registrant within a 6-month period must be listed on the form at registration.
  4. A copy of both the Meeting Room Use Rules and Regulations and the Cleanliness Checklist is given to all who register to use the rooms.  The Checklist must be completed by each group after each usage and turned in at the front desk or in the Drop box immediately following reserved times.
  5. The small conference room is available during library open hours only.  Meetings must end 15 minutes before closing time.  The large meeting room is available during and after library open hours with the proper arrangements in place with library staff.
  6. If the library is closed because of weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the use of the meeting rooms is cancelled and the registrant will be notified as soon as possible.
  7. Individuals may use the meeting rooms when no group has reserved the space.
  8. The registrant agrees to observe the following regulations:
    • All programs/meetings must be open to the public.
    • In regard to non-profit use, no administration fee will be charged or donation taken at the programs/meetings except for fees for conference programs or educational courses sponsored by the Library, county, or other government agencies.
    • Registration fees by participants may not be required for attendance at programs except for those sponsored by the Library, county, other government agencies or at the discretion of for-profit groups.
    • In regard to non-profit groups, no goods or services will be sold, nor solicitations, on the premises of the Library except by the Library, the county, or other government agencies.
    • All publicity must list the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting.  The Library may not be named as sponsor of any event without written permission.
    • Neither the name nor address of the Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.
    • Light refreshments, but no alcoholic beverages, may be served in both rooms.  The group is responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of all trash after the meeting. Failure to meet the requirements of the Cleanliness Checklist will result in a $25 clean-up fee.
    • The group is responsible for setting up furniture to suit its needs and must return furniture to the position it was in prior to the meeting.
    • The registrant is responsible for damages to Library equipment, furniture, or facilities during the meeting and will pay for any damages.
    • If an event is canceled, the registrant will notify the Library as soon as possible so the room may be rescheduled for another use.
    • The Library is not responsible for loss of items left on the premises.
    • Activity and noise levels in the meeting rooms during meetings must not disrupt or disturb regular Library activities.
    • Smoking, the burning of candles or incense, or having an open flame is forbidden in the meeting rooms or any other part of the library.
  9. Users of the meeting rooms must abide by all local, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations, including occupancy limits (100 for large meeting room [50 with tables & chairs]; 19 for small conference room).
  10. Any violation of these rules and regulations may result in an order to vacate the premises immediately and/or suspension of the privilege of using the meeting rooms.

Study and Tutor Rooms


The Powhatan County Public Library provides rooms, at no charge, for private study.  Use of these spaces for PCPL programs and functions has priority.  When not allocated for library program use, rooms are made available to members of the community on a first-come, first served basis.