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Library Conference Room Request Form


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  • Usage Policy

    1. Meeting Room Policy

      Powhatan County Public Library (the Library) welcomes educational, civic, cultural, and government groups with active local chapters, as well as individuals with Powhatan residency, to use library meeting rooms when these rooms are not in use by the Library.

      The Library has a small conference room, a larger meeting room, and two study rooms. The meeting rooms are equally available to all residents in the community regardless of their beliefs and affiliations. Permitting a person or group (the “registrant”) to meet at the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the registrant or any of the registrant’s activities or programs. When using these rooms, attendees must continue to abide by the Library’s policies, including the Patron Behavior Policy. Other requirements for registrants using library meeting spaces are as follows.

      1. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis.
      2. Reservations are conditional. The Library reserves the right to change or cancel any meeting reservation if changing circumstances require this. Room assignments may also be changed based on the size of the group.
      3. Any organization, group, individual, or enterprise requesting to use the meeting rooms must complete the Registration Form for Meeting Room Use. By completing this form, the registrant is agreeing to abide by, and to ensure that all meeting attendees also abide by, all Library policies and procedures.
      4. The registrant that signs the registration form must be present for their group’s entire meeting reservation period.
      5. Reservations may not be made more than 6 months in advance. The Library and Powhatan County (County) departments are exempt from this requirement.
      6. Reservations are limited to three hours or less by default. Registrants may request a longer reservation. The Library Director will determine if this longer reservation can be allowed, based on meeting room schedules and other demands.
      7. No registrant group or individual can have more than three pending meetings scheduled per ninety-day period. However, when one meeting is completed, another may be scheduled so long as the total number of scheduled meetings remains three meetings or less. The Library and County departments are exempt from this requirement.
      8. The small conference room is available during library open hours only. Meetings must end no less than 15 minutes before closing time.
      9. The large meeting room is available before, during and after library open hours by arrangement with the Library.
      10. On days that the Library is closed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, meeting room reservations will be cancelled and the registrants will be notified as soon as possible.
      11. Individuals may request use of the meeting rooms on a walk-in basis when no group has reserved the space, at the discretion of the Library staff.
    2. Meeting Room Use

      Users of the meeting rooms must abide by all local, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations, including occupancy limits (100 standing or 50 seated for the large meeting room, 19 seated for small conference room). The Library’s policies, including Patron Behavior Policy and Unattended Child Policy, also apply to all persons using any library space, including meeting rooms and study rooms. Meeting room users must also agree to the following conditions.

      For all meetings:

      1. All publicity must list the name of the organization sponsoring the meeting. The Library may not be named as sponsor of any event without written permission.
      2. Neither the name nor address of the Library may be used as the official address or regular meeting location of any organization.
      3. If an event is canceled, the registrant will notify the Library as soon as possible so the room can be made available to other users.
      4. The Library is not responsible for loss of items left unattended, and does not provide storage for property belonging to any registrant.
      5. The registrant is responsible for arranging meeting room furniture to accommodate attendees, and furnishings should be returned to their pre-meeting arrangement after the meeting.
      6. Meeting-related, freestanding signs, posters, displays, or decorations can be used in the reserved meeting room, so long as they do no damage and are confined to the reserved room. Tape, staples, thumb tacks or other means of attachment may not be used. Markers may be used only on white board surfaces if present. Registrants that wish to add any display or decoration should consult with Library staff, who will determine whether such displays meet these requirements.
      7. Light refreshments may be served in meeting rooms. “Light refreshments” are foods that do not require preparation on site, do not require a heat source, do not have a strong aroma, do not require condiments and could not be considered a meal. Library staff should be consulted in advance if the registrant has questions regarding what “light refreshments” are allowed.
      8. The registrant group or individual is responsible for cleanup and proper disposal of all trash after their meeting.
      9. Any spills, damage or problems noted prior to the meeting or occurring during the meeting should be promptly reported to library staff. Any damage requiring replacement, profession cleaning or repair of Library equipment, furniture, or facilities that occurs due the registrant’s use will be billed to that registrant. This does not include easily remedied problems such as spills that can be completely cleaned or normal wear on frequently used furnishings.
      10. Activity and noise levels in the meeting rooms must not disrupt or disturb regular Library activities.
      11. Smoking, the burning of candles or incense, or having any open flame is forbidden in the meeting rooms or any other part of the library.
      12. Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, and/or controlled substances is prohibited on Library grounds, including in meeting rooms.
    3. Meetings held by registrants exempt from the reservation fee (such as non-profit group meetings) must follow the guidance for “all meetings” as well as the following:

      1. All programs/meetings must be open to the public.
      2. Registrants will not charge admission, registration or other fees for attendance, or take donations during programs/meetings held at the Library. The Library, County and other government agencies are exempt from this requirement.
      3. No sales of goods and services or solicitations are allowed on Library premises, including meeting spaces. The Library, County and other government agencies are exempt from this requirement.
    4. Meetings held by registrants that are NOT exempt from the reservation fee (such as business meetings) must follow the guidance for “all meetings” as well as the following:

      1. For each session, the registrant will pay $50.00 (two day discounted total fee is $75, three day discounted total fee is $100). The Library Director will be the final arbiter as to which groups are considered for-profit, non-profit or otherwise exempt.
      2. For-profit groups that have paid for their room reservation, as well as the Library, County, other government agencies, may charge attendees registration or other attendance fees.
      3. No sales of goods and services or solicitations are allowed on Library premises, including meeting spaces. The Library, County and other government agencies are exempt from this requirement.
    5. Policy Agreement*

      By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that you have read and will abide by the Powhatan County Public Library policy for use of the meeting rooms.