The 2022 Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills are not yet available. The Board of Supervisors will be voting on the tax rate during the meeting scheduled for May 18th. Due to this delay, the deadline will NOT be June 5th, but will be extended to an undetermined date. We will post more information once available.

Treasurer Roles & Responsibilities

    The Treasurer is one of five Constitutional Officers that is elected by the citizens to serve Powhatan County. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to collect local taxes and maintain the County's funds while strictly adhering to laws set forth by the Code of Virginia.

    Some of the Treasurer's duties include:


  • Billing and collecting current and delinquent Personal Property and Real Estate taxes assessed by the Commissioner of Revenue
  • Collecting not just tax revenue, but funds that come from the Commonwealth of Virginia, local convenience centers, Parks and Recreation, utilities, and many other sources from within and out of the county
  • Monitoring and reconciling all funds that come into and out of the county, as well as investing those funds securely
  • Processing all transactions that come from other departments such as building permits, business licenses, transient occupancy payments, convenience center deposits, asset forfeiture, library deposits, utility payments, and many more
  • Reconciling and balancing state funds received which are audited by the State of Virginia each year