Individual & Personal Benefits
Parks and Recreation offers opportunities for people to experience purpose, pleasure, health and well-being.
  • Citizen involvement improves quality of life. Park and recreation opportunities encourage citizens to be engaged in their communities as volunteers, stewards, advocates and students.
  • Leisure opportunities for youth provide positive lifestyle choices and alternatives to self-destructive behavior.
  • Relaxation, rest and revitalization through leisure is essential to stress management in today's busy and demanding world.
  • Parks and open spaces bring beauty to an area while giving people satisfaction and improving their quality of life.
  • Meaningful leisure activity is an essential source of self-esteem and positive self-image.
Environmental Benefits
Parks and Recreation enhances the desirability of an area as well as contributes to the health and safety of its inhabitants.
  • Through the provision of parks, open spaces and protected natural environment, recreation can contribute to the environmental health of our communities.
  • Investing in the environment through parks and open spaces in residential area leads to an increase in neighborhood property values through accessibility to environmentally friendly green spaces and associated recreational opportunities.
  • The trend toward natural environment based leisure activities is insurance for a new and improved environmental future.
Economic Benefits
Parks and Recreation offers an investment in the future for the viability of people and places.
  • Leisure improves the quality of life of communities, which is an enticement to healthy economic development.
  • Park and recreation services motivate business relocation and expansion in the community.
  • Recreation and park services are often the catalyst for tourism, a growing sector of our economy.
  • Meaningful leisure services reduce the high cost of vandalism and criminal activity.
Social Benefits
Leisure opportunities, facilities and the quality of the local environment are the foundations of community pride.
  • Recreating together builds strong families, the foundation for a stronger society.
  • Leisure provides opportunities of community involvement, shared management and ownership of resources.
  • Recreation promotes ethnic and cultural harmony.
  • Community recreation reduces alienation, loneliness, and anti-social behaviors.
  • Leisure provides leadership opportunities that build strong communities.

Community Benefits
Parks and Recreation offers the community opportunities to live and interact with families, work groups, neighbors, other communities, and general public. The County of Powhatan strive to provide quality park and recreation facilities and services in an effort to meet the leisure needs of citizens. The community shall benefit in several ways.

  • Socially - With programs that:
    • Develop character in youth
    • Allow the elderly and handicapped to maintain independent living
    • Provide entertainment, education, and positive social environments
  • Physically - With programs that improve one's level of physical fitness and overall sense of well-being
  • Environmentally - By:
    • Being pedestrian and biker friendly
    • Preserving natural areas for the benefit of native plants and animals
    • Protecting open green spaces
  • Economically - By:
    • Increasing tourism
    • Providing opportunities for citizens to improve their health and consequently their productivity and longevity
    • Creating a quality of life that attracts prospective citizens, business, and industry
Care & Support
Our parks are such a stable influence on our lives that we tend not to give them much thought. Bur effective parks and recreation facilities do not just happen on their own. They require professional care and financial support to keep them clean, safe and suitable for the community they serve.

Investing in Our Parks
Our investment in parks and recreation facilities should reflect their importance to our communities. Local park and recreation systems have a $55 billion backlog in capital investment needs. Addressing the under-funded needs of state and local park and recreation systems should be a national priority. Our health, community, economy and environment all benefit from investments in parks and recreation opportunities.

Access to parks and recreation facilities leads to healthy lifestyles for people of all ages. Activities in parks can build self-esteem, reduce stress and improve overall wellness.

Parks give communities a vital identity. Well-maintained, accessible parks and recreation facilities are key elements of strong, safe, family-friendly communities.

Parks enhance property values, contribute to healthy and productive workforces and help attract and retain businesses.

Parks play a key role in preserving water and air quality, reducing congestion and protecting wildlife. People learn about the environment firsthand in parks and take those lessons home with them.