Meet The Leadership Team

  1. Ned Smither, County Administrator

    Edward N. (Ned) Smither

    County Administrator
    Phone: 804-598-5612

  2. Schubert, Charla

    Charla Schubert

    Director of Finance
    Phone: 804-598-5610

  3. Warner, Phil

    Phil Warner

    Fire & Rescue Chief
    Phone: 804-598-5646

  4. Alexander, Karen

    Karen Bailey Alexander

    Director of Elections and Voter Registration
    Phone: 804-598-5604

  5. David Dunivan, Building Official

    David Dunivan

    Building Official
    Phone: 804-598-5622 Ext 2012

  6. Teresa Dobbins

    Teresa Hash Dobbins

    Clerk of the Circuit Court

  7. Timberlake, Jamie

    Jamie Timberlake

    Commissioner of the Revenue
    Phone: 804-598-5619

  8. Whitney Berriman

    Library Director
    Phone: 804-598-5670

  9. Faye G. Barton

    Phone: 804-598-5625

  1. Bret Schardein, Asst. County Administrator

    Bret Schardein

    Deputy County Administrator
    Phone: 804-598-3639

  2. Lowe, Melissa

    Melissa Lowe

    Human Resources Manager
    Phone: 804-598-5755

  3. Nolan, Tom

    Thomas Nolan

    Director of Public Safety Communications
    Phone: 804-598-5830

  4. Carter, Ramona

    Ramona Carter, P.E., MPA

    Director of Public Works
    Phone: 804-598-5764

  5. Wood, John

    John Wood

    Director of Information Technology
    Phone: 804-598-5644

  6. Pompei, Andrew

    Andrew Pompei, AICP, CZA

    Planning Director
    Phone: 598-5621

  7. Cox, Richard

    Richard Cox

    Commonwealth's Attorney
    Phone: 804-598-5668

  8. Bradford Nunnally

    Phone: 804-598-5751

  1. A Message From Elected Officials of the Chesterfield Health District

    A message about the COVID-19 vaccine from Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Chair Jim Holland, Colonial Heights Mayor Greg Kochuba and Powhatan County Board of Supervisors Chair Karin Carmack. Click for Video...
  2. Powhatan Board of Supervisors Vaccine Update Letter

    The Covid-19 vaccination process in Virginia has been confusing to many citizens throughout the Commonwealth. Your Board of Supervisors hopes this letter will help provide some clarification on the vaccination process. View Full Letter Here...
  3. District 2 Supervisor Vacancy Applications

    The Board of Supervisors has received multiple applications for the interim supervisor position for District 2. Submitted applications may be viewed at the link below. View Applications
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